#WeekendCoffeeShare – Writer Brain Freeze

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If we were having coffee here in Toronto, we’d probably be strolling around outside, because for the first time in two weeks the temperature is not in the negative double digits. Today is a positively spring-like -4 degrees Celsius!

During our obligatory Canadian chit-chat about the weather, I’d tell you that in the middle of the deep freeze, my boyfriend launched a business that delivers natural products by bike (greatergoods.ca). And yes, deliveries were made even when the north winds were blowing at 50km/hr. You think he should charge extra for delivery when it’s that miserable out, but I say it’s not the customers fault Old Man Winter had a tantrum. We made do. Though I’m sick of stuffing my scarf under my goggles to keep my cheeks warm.

As for my writing, I feel like my brain has frozen…

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