Pen & Muse Haunted House Showcase

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Happy Halloween month! My short story is part of the Pen & Muse Haunted House Showcase:


There’s a gun beside my head. The gun is in my hand. The bullet is in my brain. But I didn’t pull the trigger.

Someone made it look like I did.

Blood drips from my skull onto the pillow. Bright red. Fresh. I haven’t been dead long. A minute tops. My murderer is probably still in the house. Yet I can’t move from this spot on the ceiling. I can’t look away from my lifeless body below. Am I in shock? Can ghosts be in shock?

The asshole was smart. Knew my bedtime. Knew I took sleeping pills. Knew Sara wouldn’t be home tonight. Just me in our bed, stretched out on my back, probably snoring so loud even Fat Al could have snuck in. Or any of the Family, really. They all have a reason for wanting me dead. I’m a mobster cliché.

This isn’t how it’s supposed to end.

If only we’d split yesterday. But Sara wanted to take the kids to visit her mama, and how could I say no? It’s the last time they’ll see the old cow.

Except now that I’m dead, they can’t get away. Unless…


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