If We Were Having Coffee… (Writer Confessions)

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If we were having coffee, we wouldn’t be at my house. I don’t have a coffee machine or a French press or even instant coffee. My caffeine of choice is tea, and I have dozens of tasty varieties to choose from in my cupboard, but if you want coffee we’ll meet at one of the many local cafes in my neighbourhood – Torontonians love their coffee shops!

Once you have your coffee and I have my London Fog (must take advantage of the cafe’s fancy milk frother – I don’t have one of those either), we’ll catch up on the last month, because that’s how long it’s been since I’ve seen anybodyThis new year has given birth to antisocial Heather, a rare specimen to say the least. Your jaw drops when I tell you I haven’t left the house for anything besides gymnastics classes in three whole weeks! What’s wrong? Am I okay?

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