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Reading for Writers 101 Roundup

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I created the Reading for Writers 101 series because I believe reading critically is an essential component of learning writing craft. Plus the series gives me an outlet to not only express my frustration when I’m disappointed with books (which I never name because, you know, niceness), but to learn from them. And if I’m […]

A-Z Writing Tips: Stakes, Conflict, Comedy, Outlines & more!

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The April A-Z Writing Challenge is complete! Over at Writeonsisters.com Robin and I made it through the whole month, taking turns with the letters. Our format of 3 Writing Tips + 2 Examples + 1 Link for more help went over great with our readers! I’ve already posted letters C (Character Change) & E (External Conflict), […]

Reading for Writers 101: Narrators

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I should start calling this the “Spoilers” series, because if you haven’t read CODE NAME VERITY by Elizabeth Wein or DANGEROUS GIRLS by Abby MacDonald, stop reading this post right now. Heck, I’m not even going to tell you the real topic of discussion until you read those books. Go! Did you read them? Okay, […]