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Screenplays vs Game Scripts: 5 Differences

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Recently I was hired to write a video game script. I’ve never written for games, but both the producer and I thought my screenwriting skills would translate well since each medium uses dialogue as a key storytelling device. However, except for dialogue skills, I found out that game writing is pretty much the opposite of […]

Is TV the New Novel?

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Last week I read the New York Times Bookends column “Are the New ‘Golden Age’ TV Shows the New Novels?” and got riled up about Adam Kirsch’s opinion, which basically boils down to “how dare TV shows think they are as great as novels!” Well, I feel the need to counter with “how dare you […]

Writers: Should You Quit Your Day Job?

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This is a question artists and entrepreneurs of all sorts contemplate. We yearn for more time to work on our creative pursuits, and even if the day job is pretty great, it’s easy to become bitter with it for taking time away from what we really want to be doing with our lives. But the […]