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Test Those Scene Connections – But, Therefore & Then

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As I build my outline, I’ve been thinking a lot about what makes a good scene, and that led to these posts: Test That Scene – Is It Essential or Filler? and Test That Scene – Cut or Revise? But what about stringing those scenes together? Is there a test for that? Good news: there is! Click here to […]

Outlining – Method 3 cont: From Sticky Notes to Proper Scenes

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So you’ve outlined your novel into a Wall of Sticky Notes or a Corkboard of Cards. Congrats, stuff happens! But stories are not just stuff happening. Stories are a series of scenes. Is each note/card a proper scene? Not sure? Take this test: Click here to read the full post at Writeonsisters.com

Outlining – Method 3: The Wall of Sticky Notes (aka “The Board”)

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If you’re a visual person, Outlining Method #3 is for you! I call it The Wall of Sticky Notes, because that’s how I build it. Others create a Corkboard of Cards. In the business of screenwriting, it’s simply called “The Board.” Click here to read the full post, including 5 Story Problems The Board Reveals, […]