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Pitching 101: The Elevator Pitch

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Today in Pitching 101, I’m going to give some tips on making your elevator pitch succinct, appealing and not scary – for you or the listener. Click here to read the full post on WriteOnSisters.com

3 Reasons to Write a Pitch Before Finishing Your Novel

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This month at WriteOnSisters we’re talking about pitching! A pitch comes in many forms – query, synopsis, one-liner, or book blurb. Anything that “sells” your book to anyone else is a pitch. Usually pitches are written after a novel is complete, because that’s when a writer needs to “sell” their novel to an agent or […]

Screenwriter Tip for Novelists – Pitch Before You Write

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If you’ve read my first blog post, you’ll know I’m a screenwriter who took 2013 off from a career penning cartoons to write a novel. Now it’s 2014 and I’m back in the TV biz writing on a super fun animation show. Not that I’m shelving the novel, no way! I’ll still work on it […]