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Freelancing (aka “Pantsing” Your Livelihood)

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When it comes to writing, I am definitely a plotter. I love knowing where my story is going and filling in the details on scene index cards before I start writing prose. But when it comes to making money, I am a pantser. I have no idea what my next job will be or when […]

Writers: Should You Quit Your Day Job?

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This is a question artists and entrepreneurs of all sorts contemplate. We yearn for more time to work on our creative pursuits, and even if the day job is pretty great, it’s easy to become bitter with it for taking time away from what we really want to be doing with our lives. But the […]

10 Tips To Survive The Starving Artist Lifestyle

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I’ve been living the life of a starving artist for a decade and a half. I’ve never had a steady salary job. I don’t have a trust fund. My average income is $20,000/year. Basically, I work just enough to get by and spend the rest of my time writing. Which will pay off. It already […]