Masterplots Theater – Week 4 of the #AtoZChallenge

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It’s over! We did it! And we’re taking next week OFF!

Here are my final posts for Blogging A-Z 2016…

T is for Thriller

How do you tell the difference between a mystery and a thriller? I explain…

V is for Vengeance

For all those writers who are just dying to exorcise a past wrong through fiction, this is the masterplot for you! 

X is for X Meets Y (Genre Mashups)

All month we’ve been talking about writing individual masterplots, but what if you’re deliberately writing a story in two genres? What the heck is that? Well, I’d call that a “mashup”, or for the purposes of the A-Z Challenge, an “X Meets Y” masterplot.

Z is for Zoomorphic

For the final letter of the month, I get to break down the plot of my new favourite movie: ZOOTOPIA.