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Mushy Middle Tips for NaNoWriMo

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Hey NaNaWriMo writers! How’s it going? It’s mid-November and that means you’re deep in Act II and might be encountering some mushy middle difficulties. So here are some tips to get you through… Mapping the Mushy Middle The key to not getting lost in the middle of your novel is a map. Often we writers […]

15 Story Beats to Keep Your NaNoWriMo Novel on Track

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So NaNoWriMo has begun! Some people do a lot of planning, some don’t, but no matter which side you’re on, you might come to a place mid-month where your story feels like it’s gone off the rails. A lot of people will tell you to plow through! But I think better advice is to take […]

Screenwriter Tips for Novelists: Mapping the Mushy Middle

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Last week I wrote about how to Create Character Change and the importance of making sure your character’s flaw is foiling her in Act II. This led one of my fellow Write On Sisters to comment that the “mushy middle” is a hard section to write. That it is. Robin wrote about it here from a baker’s perspective. Now […]