Heather Jackson



Heather writes and story edits youth television shows. She excels at plotting wacky adventures with heart, and pitching fresh ideas even when a series is on episode one bazillion.

Game Writer

Heather thrives under the challenge of keeping dozens of branches straight without losing sight of the story goal or players’ expectations. The chaos feeds her creativity.


Heather writes action-packed fantasies, epic spec fic, and scary mysteries. She’s intrigued by characters who do bad things and the unlikely heroes who set out to stop them.


Heather graduated from Ryerson University’s Radio & Television Arts program in 2001, and the Canadian Film Centre’s Prime Time Television Writing program in 2005, and a month later landed her first writing gig on YTV’s cartoon comedy CAPTAIN FLAMINGO. After many years writing television shows for kids and teens, she began writing novels and games. Currently she is the Story Editor of Bloom Digital’s queer-friendly episodic dating game LONGSTORY, and the Lead Writer on ZenFri's upcoming VR game THE LAST TAXI. She's also writing two novels - a YA horror (PSYCHO SMART) and a YA speculative thriller (UNDER THE GUISE OF BOYS).

When she’s not writing books, screenplays or games, Heather blogs about writing craft at writeonsisters.com, and about cycling the world on a fold-up bike at bromptoning.com. She is also pursuing the preposterous goal of becoming a semi-competitive trampolinist by forty.

What I Write

“His noble quest gone terribly wrong, Captain Flamingo does the only thing a hero can do in this situation – freak out!”

TV Series: CAPTAIN FLAMINGO, Ep. 13B “Flowers & Candy”

“In Splittsboro, Valentine’s Day is a day of war! A day when you blow things up, hold people in headlocks and eat knuckle sandwiches. A day when you super fight to win the love of that girl who doesn’t even like you.”

TV Series: SIDEKICK, Ep. 28A “Love Fights”

I’m not a drug dealer; I’m a dreamer. It’s a means to a beginning.

YA Novel: CRAZY HAPPY KILLERS (work-in-progress)

The crumbling gothic church looms large before me, black spires poking the sky like a hundred pitchforks hunting for angels.

YA Novel: DEMONS DON’T DO LOVE (work-in-progress)

Nora: "Did you tell Principal Chevy the truth?" Player: "Yeah, but it’s their word against mine. And Chevy thinks they’re magically perfect half-unicorn people." Nora: "Who fart sunshine and rainbow-colored sprinkles?" Player: "Haha! Exactly. But I did learn something..."

Video Game: LONGSTORY, Ep. 3 “The Party”

I'd rather die than get stuck in this shithole town, so I follow the murderer into the woods.

YA Novel: PSYCHO SMART (work-in-progress)